Surprising Finds at Costco

Costco funny

Do you ever stop to think just how much money you could be saving with groceries? After a while of making numerous things from scratch I began to wonder if we could be saving more moolah. I started to notice that we go through certain things rather quickly, such as: oats, dried cranberries, and sliced almonds for papa tummy’s granola. I then made a list of all the items we use often and thought maybe Costco would have some of the things on my list. They did not have everything I was looking for, but I was pleasantly surprised to find what I did. Costco is a magical land where vegans CAN save money!

Just about everyone in papa tummy’s family has a Costco membership. They all rave about it, but I have always been somewhat of a skeptic thinking nothing healthy is available and you think you’re saving money when you really aren’t. That is not the case my friends. I finally broke down and decided to get a day pass (which is free but you can’t buy anything) to see what they had to offer. You will be amazed! Also, not everything is ridiculously ginormous like the cartoon above pokes fun at.

I went in expecting to see junk around every corner and came out shocked at all the things we could eat. They surprisingly carry multiple vegan items and things that we actually use. They also have a good amount of gluten-free items (which is becoming more important to me these days). After realizing the potential savings we decided to go under someone else’s membership in the family. This will save you money too since it’s not as expensive as having your own membership. All it costs is an annual fee of $27 to be added on to an existing membership.

After two trips to Costco the Budget-Conscious Vegan Wonderland I was curious about how much we saved. So today I went to King Soopers to compare prices. I put it all in this handy little spreadsheet for your viewing pleasure. I love Xcel by the way. Entering data and calculating things makes me all giddy for some reason. Anyway, I wasn’t able to find exact comparisons for some of the items due to different brands being carried.

Comparison 1

Comparison 2

Comparison 3

Comparison 4

Out of all these things we only overpaid for two items. One was sriracha, but the brand that Costco carries is certified vegan and gluten-free so that’s a plus. The other is because our King Soopers doesn’t carry organic Heinz ketchup (what’s up with that?). Neither of those things was a huge price difference. What is a huge price difference is that savings total on the bottom. Can you believe that?!!! I know I can’t. Some things are a better savings than others, but every little bit adds up. The biggest savings is that vanilla extract. That just blows my mind! All of these items are going to last us such a long time. I’m sure we won’t need to buy pinto beans for the rest of the year. That $27 was well spent and it already paid for itself. One thing that helps you not to go over your budget is the fact that Costco only accepts American Express, debit, or cash. We don’t have an American Express card so we are forced to buy only what we can afford. There ain’t nothing wrong with that.

There are a lot of other great vegan things I found at Costco that I didn’t add to this list. I found a 28 ounce package of hemp seeds for $14.89, 2 pounds of Medjool dates for $8.49, and a 64 ounce package of organic red quinoa for $16.49. They also had a few different frozen vegan burger patties. All of them have soy so we’re out of luck in that department. Convenience foods are great and all, but I much prefer homemade as you know. Of course they have a pretty nice selection of produce too. Unfortunately, unless you are having a party or you have a big family I don’t see how it wouldn’t go bad before you eat it all.

The one major disappointment was finding out today that they are no longer going to carry EatPastry. Upon our initial finding-out-information trip we spotted a 3 pound tub of EatPastry chocolate chip cookie dough for like 6 bucks. We couldn’t wait to buy some, but today it was nowhere to be found. I asked an employee and they told me the sad news. Oh well, saved us from having cookies every night from now until eternity.

Since not every Costco carries the same items I would love to know what vegan things you’ve found at your Costco. Please comment and let me know!

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9 thoughts on “Surprising Finds at Costco

  1. I love this! Such an awesome post!! I went through a similar thing a few years ago before getting my Costco membership, thinking that it would lead me to eat bulk amounts of junk food. But, it’s actually made the bags and bags of organic fruits and veggies that I buy more affordable. Most of the things I pick up there are already on your list, but other favorites of mine are MaraNatha almond butter, organic strawberry jam, Sky Valley teriyaki sauce (sweetened with agave), and organic raisins. 😀

    • Thanks for reading and sharing your finds! I finally broke down the other day and bought some fruits and veggies. I had to get that beautiful 6-pack of red bell peppers. I’m going to roast them today so they’ll last a while.

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